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The Women's Clothing Of Today
MoNo Soo is going to be about YOU,  YOU MATTERYOU CONTROL the direction of your goals,  YOU CAN STRIVE to further heights by wearing my custom made sportswear made for all your workout activities!


Nice to meet You all,  I'm Eli , just a over-ambitious, young African-American mixed "weird" kid that grew up in LA. I was extremely shy, I faced your usual bullying, name calling, had tons of insecurities, extreme social anxiety all in school and depression at some points in my life. One thing I'm still tackling head on is being black in America, the sly discriminatory remarks, the anxious looks, trying to break the stigma of a "black thug" or "ghetto kid" is definitely tough but it didn't matter to me nor did it matter that people were telling me I'm not going to make it, I'm a failure, I should just do something that society accepts, wanting me to become someone I was not,  I persevered through all of this. One thing that kept me going was always believing there was a purpose for someone like me, I didn't know what It was however I knew that life's just beginning, life will keep going BUT I  know I can become Great and I can do Great.  I decided to go against all odds of going to into the athletic field for clothes but for women, everyday I'm putting my heart and soul into this Brand with a goal of getting what you want out of life,  experience a life with no bounds, and to get the best workout you can get all while looking glorious !


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